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Atlantic City AC Topic: For a change, everything worked to perfection. Hit a 2K royal the first hour, so had plenty of bankroll for the promotion. Picture on IPhone but too incompetent to know how to download it to this site. Nevertheless, played from PM then had to leave for a meeting. By the way I have never seen the place so crowded. Anyone else there yesterday? Outstanding motive to play this wonderful promotion by showing up a few hours earlier to reserve your seat. At 10x points where cashback rate is 0.

Hopefully you played as fast as you possibly Got rewarded with a Royal to put the cherry on top. You can find instructions to display images here. Have 4x and 5x coming up soon I believe, but 10x is too good to pass up. Gotta get down early to get a seat though. Didn't have enough bankroll last time. What do you think is an adequate bankroll to take that on?

Originally posted by onemoretry What do you think is an adequate bankroll to take that on? Opening a casino credit line definitely helps, you will get approved based on the average history of the checking account balance over the last three months.

You guys are spot on. Not that I would be happy losing that much, but the risk would be worth it. Carcounter VP Veteran Posts: Yesterday, Borgata 10x slot dollars had a borgata 10x slot dollars slot dollar promotion from PM.

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My mentor Bob Dancerunbeknownst to him made a comment on one of my articlesthat I should put myself in a position to bump up to dollars from quarters when a rare advantage play presents itself.

The 10x earnings period was from noon until 7pm. I arrived at about As it was, I went to that bank of machines at 7: No, slot machines are not a good play, but at 10x points, it might be worth taking a shot and if I could recycle some coin in, I could raise my theoretical. There were two women sitting and drinking at a broken machine, but also at working machine. I politely asked if I could play the working machine.

If I was mindful that they had full drinks, I was given permission. I was sort of leaning to the side and trying to play, but then the machine next to me opened up and I quickly grabbed my stuff to take the seat.

Only—a couple came over and said that was their seat. But they click the following article a seat for me a few machines borgata 10x slot dollars and there were two seats next to me for them.

All the bartenders pretty much know everyone who plays at the bar. One bartender was arguing with a young woman who was again drinking at a machine and not playing and would not move to the broken machine, no matter how politely she borgata 10x slot dollars asked to do so. When the woman finally left, the bartender told me that she knows the borgata 10x slot dollars and that she was just being obstinate for some reason.

So, I settled into my machine and started playing dollars and drinking martinis. Click other half is Degenerate. Only, when I came back the card reader was broken. I was impressed and we chatted for the rest of the evening. Although he got up from the machine before 7pm! He asked me if I ever played hunches at video poker. I play like a computer would, except for the drinking. It pays back a theoretical But, a few limited weekday room comps have opened up for me.

They will borgata 10x slot dollars away the offers very quickly if online free best casino money burn them. Now to practice Super Double Bonus! Catherine gravitates towards any activity that has to do with planning and lists. This has served her well while trying to play optimally in casinos for over 10 years and traveling on a budget and working frequent flyer deals for over 30 years. CoachKittyMay 19, CoachKitty About the author.

Home Team Contact Disclaimer. Borgata 10x slot dollars are notified each month. Winner must claim prize via email within 30 days of receipt of prize notification email.

Gift Cards are sent to the same email address once reply is received. All prizes subject to availability and substitutions. You may only win once per 12 month period. We never sell or borgata 10x slot dollars your email address.

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